Ina Anita Hammer








115 lbs






Attention, Fame and Fortune




Ezra J. Hammer (Father, Deceased), Maybelle Hammer (Mother), Ernie Hammer (Uncle), Helen Hammer (Sister), June Hammer (Sister), John Nash (Brother-in-Law), Hefe Logan (Brother-in-Law)

Anita is the third and last of the infamous Hammer sisters born to Ezra and Maybelle Hammer.  As such, she is the younger sister of Helen and June Hammer and like them possesses a super genius intellect.  Unlike her sisters though, Anita grew up far more interested in boys and popular culture than being a nerd.  She was incredibly popular and outgoing in school, often involved in the drama club where she exhibited a talent for acting.  Instead of entering Chapel University like the rest of her family, she instead went to an art school out West.

After college, Anita got roles in various movies and tv shows and achieved a notable degree of success.  She eventually got a recurring role on the popular comedy Study Group.  Physically Anita is shorter than Helen but taller than June.  Like her sisters, she is skinny with a heavy chest, though hers is the smallest of the 3.  Her hair is black like her mother's, but she has her father's brown eyes.  She has a bubbly personality and is very outgoing, though she is commonly exasperated by her bizarre family. 

When the Vampire Horde attacked Earth they prepared to destroy Los Angeles as a show of power.  John Nash appeared and rescued Anita and a handful of her friends before the city was destroyed.  As Anita never had any inkling that John was an alien or that things like monsters existed, she was very distressed by the whole ordeal.  Unlike Helen (who was a member of AEGIS and the Men of Learning) and June (who had known John was an alien since they were teenagers), Anita regarded the non-human members of the Magnificent 7 with horror, though she was quick to change her mind as she got to know them.

After Earth was forcefully brought into the intergalactic community, Terran Culture became extremely popular.  Study Group in particular became a big hit with various aliens, and Anita's fame as an actress increased.


- When she was younger she thought John was hot and made a couple passes at him to irritate June.  Despite that, she also considered him a nerd and a weirdo and held a grudge against him for breaking her sister's heart in college.

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