Kara - Astral Training

The Astral Training Method is a technique that allows one to train and develop their Power while in a meditative trance.  Developed to be used when a being must develop their powers but is confined and can't move about freely, the technique entails projecting oneself onto the Astral Plane in order to practice techniques there in a state of pure Aura.  In this state, a being can either recall previous opponents to battle them or link up with another Aura Sensitive being and "spar" with them without destroying their surroundings.


Before beginning to use this technique the user takes a posture of meditation or Aura circulation. To use the Astral Training Method the user begins by spreading energy throughout until they can feel it pulsing in their Aura Network.  Once the pulsing can be felt the practitioner can enter in the meditating state. From there they create a mental image of their body composed solely of their Aura creating a spiritual body. It is important to make the image separate from their physical form. At this point the user then needs to bring up memories of past opponents. As the memories surface illusions of the opponent appears and can be fought against for practice, or presumably, any other purpose.

If another Aura Sensitive being is nearby in a similar state, they can link up and train together.  This training method can be done without physically moving which saves for injuries that can occur in actual sparring. The user does not have to know the full extent of the opponents he meets for them to appear in his memories. The Aura itself remembers the opponent's Aura and Power. This also means that by seeing a technique once the user can see it again as many times as he wishes with this training and even learn it or approximate it. While in the meditation state one can increase one's reflexes faster because the nature of this training method, the meditating, focuses and starts from the mind, and can also increase one's control over one's Aura and learn how to use it more efficiently.


- The members of the Magnificent 7 use this technique to train while aboard the Rocco II often.  John describes the technique to June as similar to playing a fighting game on a video console.

- The color of their Astral Avatar is based on their Aura.  Most characters have a white-ish Avatar.  Since the sarans are demonic their Avatars are yellow in color.

- John states that he was taught how to use the technique by his father and he later teaches it to Kara when they first set out aboard the Rocco II.  The technique is fairly commonly used by Aura Sensitives throughout the Universe.

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