Mishak & Bendigo Bones
Bones Brothers
The Bones Brothers: Mishak & Bendigo






Mishak - 7'2, Bendigo- 7'7


Mishak 370 lbs, Bendigo 420 lbs.






Money, Power, Women, Booze


the Law



Mishak and Bendigo Bones are a pair of troll brothers who are notorious criminals wanted throughout the Known Universe.  They have a reputation as violent thugs and have done a wide variety of work from bank heists to kidnappings to assassinations.  The older brother, Mishak often acted as the brains of the pair and was known for his measured patience and careful planning.  The younger Bendigo was larger and stronger than his brother, but was comparatively simple minded and prone to bouts of rage.  However, both were completely ruthless and had no care whatsoever for the lives of others.  As they saw it the Universe and everyone in it was there to be exploited by them.

Along with the fairy Thuro Al'Baster, the brothers made and carried out plans to break into a SENTINEL Capital Ship to steal some valuable items which were being held there.  Thuro went along under the pretext of stealing a rare spell book, but his real target was information in the SENTINEL Mainframe in regards to the Bloodstone.  After their successful heist, the three went to Earth to lay low and wait for the heat to die down, but while there happened across the Earth Saran, John Nash.

As trolls, the Bones Brothers belong to the Monster Race.  They are both massive with heavily muscled builds covered in dark brown fur except for their faces, hands and feet. Mishak had a garish scar covering his missing left eye and wore a shredded vest with the Bones Brothers logo on the back. Bendigo had a bandolier across his torso which had a number of thieves tools, drugs and explosives hidden in it.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

<p class="MsoNormal">Mishak and Bendigo are trolls who have managed to harness their Auras to give them a number of abilities.

Glamour: The Brothers could cast a spell on themselves which allowed them to assume the form of other races.


- Despite their high opinions of themselves the Bones Brothers were not terribly strong.  Sergeant Rin of SENTINEL was confident that she alone would be enough to take the two of them out.  John Nash, who at the time was unable to use Hellfire, was able to kill the both of them in quick succession without any real trouble.

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