The Brides of Drake
Brides of Drake






Vampire Horde

Constantly at the side of the Vampire King Drake are his three Brides.  Shortly after having the powers of a True Vampire unlocked by Lilith, Drake invaded the Jehdan Royal Court where he proceeded to slaughter those that he found there.  Among the functionaries were a group of virgin priestesses of striking beauty.  Captivated by them, Drake changed them into vampires, turning them from meek, mewling victims into bloodthirsty predators.  At his behest they butchered everyone else in the Throneroom while Drake himself ate the Emperor Timon.

After this they would follow Drake wherever he went, hanging off him, making suggestive comments about everything and doing whatever he commanded of them.  He would use them as enforcers, having them make bloody examples of his enemies.  They would dispatch their victims in a sexual frenzy, orgasmically making bloody messes out of whoever they were turned against.  Drake in turn regarded them as pets and was fond of them, rewarding them with fresh victims whenever they pleased him.

As the first Vampires created by Drake, the Brides were all incredibly powerful, standing head and shoulders above the Reavers.  However, they were less powerful than the elite Cardinal Sins and were shown to be afraid of Gideon.  They were strong enough to kill rank and file SENTINELs with no trouble, but were easily dispatched by John Nash when they tried to get between him and Drake.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As the first vampires Drake sired after his metamorphosis, the Brides are all extremely powerful compared to normal vampires.


- The Brides refer to eachother as sisters. Whether or not they were related before being turned into vampires or merely using it as shorthand amongst themselves is never made clear.

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