Cloak, the Southern God
Cloak, Dragon God of Stone








214 lbs






Gloom, Power, Shiny things, Shiva, Dawn


Sycophants, Family


Adam (Grandfather), Eve (Grandmother), Strife (Father), Asura (Mother), Shiva (Sister), Rudra (Sister), Drown (Brother), Agni (Sister), Crash (Brother), Dawn (Niece/Wife)

The god of the South Kingdom, Cloak was the firstborn son of Strife and Asura and also the first to be devoured. He grew to maturity trapped inside his father, but because of the time between his birth and that of his sister Shiva he was alone longer than any of the others. He was eventually freed from this prison by his youngest brother, Crash, and taken to Ultima in order to get stronger. Like his siblings, Cloak was extremely powerful and quickly learned many of the techniques Crash had learned from Eve.

He threw himself into the war with the Elder Dragons, and became a deadly opponent who was predisposed to extreme cruelty and was widely feared. In the aftermath of the battle he was cursed alongside his siblings by Eve, but before his power could kill him Crash saved his life. Having twice been saved by his younger brother forever ate at Cloak, and became a venomous hatred as time went on.

In their victory, Crash declared himself God King and took Shiva as his bride. Considering that he was the first born and Shiva had been the sister to whom he had been closest, Cloak felt that he deserved both the Throne and the Queen, but he could not challenge Crash. Instead he was allotted the Southern Kingdom of the Known Universe, which was home to many of the monstrous races that had aided the dragons in their war. When these races fell under the influence of the vampires and rebelled looking to throw off the yolk of the gods for good, Cloak ruthlessly put them down. He maintained a far greater hold over the Southern Kingdom than any of his siblings did with theirs, and was known to destroy whole planets for no reason in order to spread fear amongst the mortals.

When Crash seduced their sister Rudra, she gave him a daughter called Dawn. As she grew into a woman, Cloak became enamored with her and kidnapped her, taking her to the South. The normally light hearted Rudra became furious such that her power almost shook Ultima apart. She prepared to go to war to get her daughter back, but Crash would not tolerate a conflict between the West and the South. The situation was finally laid to rest by Dawn herself, who saw that her uncle needed a calming influence and that she would stay with him willingly. Cloak in turn would allow her to return to Ultima at her leisure to see her mother.

On another occasion, he took part in the attempted coup against Crash, but was defeated and punished. As eons passed, Cloak largely kept to himself and ignored affairs on Ultima. Even the Eden War came and went without his interest being piqued. He was involved however, when Shiva went mad and tried to destroy the Universe. Like the others he attempted to stop her, and like them was completely ineffectual against her. He agreed with Shine’s plan to fuse together in order to defeat her, and willingly sacrificed his power to the boy.

Cloak was regarded as the darkest of the Holy Dragons. His time growing up alone within his father shaped him as a loner, and of the Dragons he was only close to Shiva and later his wife Dawn. He was regarded by the others dragons as moody and joyless, but never the less feared for his great power and total ambivalence to the lives of others. Even his numerous children by Dawn and various mortals were of no real interest to him. His dragon form was of a giant cobalt skinned beast, but more commonly he appeared as a tall dark elf with sharp features, well defined muscles, menacing eyes, and long hair that swept back from a high widow’s peak. In battle he tended to use an enchanted scythe of his own making which would appear in his hand from thin air.


Stone DragonEdit

Cloak mastered the element of rock and stone, and could create, control or become stone himself. At Cloak’s level, he was able to harness seismic forces and control earthquakes. After taking on the Stone Element, all of Cloak’s generic god powers took on a rocky nature.

Stone Breath: Cloak would release a powerful tornado from his mouth, which inflicts much blunt power on the opponent. In the process, sharp stone shards are released which are capable of shredding the opponents body.

Stone Fist: By wrapping his body in stone, Cloak could increase the potency of his attacks. Depending on how much stone he called to himself, he could even create gigantic versions of his limbs or entire body.

Stone Sense: A technique granting telepathy. From his throne world Cloak could listen to all his subjects at once and communicate across space.

Stone Move: An ability granting telekinesis. Using this ability Cloak could control objects even on other planets.

Stone Warp: A teleport technique that Cloak would use to appear anywhere he wished. He would appear to be enveloped by stone from below and disappear into the ground, but this was merely a visual effect. Using Stone Warp, Cloak could appear on any planet within his Kingdom.

Stone Make: A technique Cloak would use to create matter from thin air or rearrange the molecules of existing matter. He would often summon or dismiss his scythe using this ability.

Stone Coffin: Cloak sucks a target into the ground and crushes to death them with the earth.

Stone Army: An ability where Cloak summons automotons from stone and animates them with his will. How many he can make and how powerful they are depends on how much Aura he uses.

Stone Shatter: Cloak's favorite technique, Stone Shatter allowed him to channel seismic forces into his body, effectively allowing him to strike with the power of an earthquake.


Shockwave: Cloak’s most terrifying technique which used all the seismic energy of a planet. At full power, he could crack a planet in half with ease using this ability.

Trivia Edit

- One of Cloak's most profound traits was his all encompassing greed. He would often demand exorbitant tribute from his followers and over the millennia built up a hoard which dwarfed that of all other dragons save Crash himself. So enamored was he of his gold and jewels that he would often sleep for decades or centuries at a time on his piles of riches whether he was in his dragon form or not.