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Danya is a saran hero, widely feared and respected. Tall and beautiful, she possessed incredible fighting talent paired with a careful, strategic mind. Rising to prominence in the saran army due to her uncanny abilities, she was scouted by many of the Clans who wished to claim her genetic potential for themselves. However she always resisted their offers, preferring instead to stay loyal to the Holy Order. It was therefore very mysterious when she resigned her position and disappeared from notice, only to reemerge a couple years later as a bodyguard for the Saran Lord of the Oda Clan.

She was also a close friend of the Deathwalks Cain and Rayze. The three had been friends since childhood and were sworn brothers with eachother (the fact that Danya is a girl notwithstanding). She was especially close with Rayze and the two were thought to have pair bonded. When she suddenly left the saran army, Rayze took it as a personal slight. It was much later that he discovered that she had discovered the truth behind the death of his father Kurai and was forced to flee the Holy Order's Assassins. She thereafter joined the Rebellion, acting as Arisada's bodyguard. When she had been assigned to another task, Arisada was captured by Cain and the Rebellion fell apart. Danya then joined the sympathetic Oda Clan, acting as the bodyguard for their Lord.

When Dashora returned to Kazan with John Nash and Thuro, he turned to Danya as his point of contact to find out what had happened since he was gone. Though she had largely given up on the Rebellion since Arisada's capture, Dashora managed to appeal to her sense of righteousness and she agreed to help them. When the group freed Arisada, she resumed her active role in the Rebellion, though she was wary of the "reject" and the "slave girl."

After the death of the Holy Ghost, Danya joined the Sarada and again acted as Arisada's bodyguard. She was present when Crash attacked Kazan and managed to kill many of his strongest warriors, but was eventually casually cut down by the God King himself.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Hellfire Edit

Like other sarans, Danya is a fire elemental able to channel a powerful form of flame called Hellfire.

Trivia Edit

- Danya was incredibly powerful, regarded as an A-Class warrior with S-Class potential. Her incredible power and fighting ability regularly drew comparisons to the Dark Queen Robia.

- After discovering the truth behind Kurai's death, Danya first approached Cain with what she discovered. Since Cain had his own plans for vengeance that could be jeopardized by the rash actions Rayze would take if he found out, he tried to dissuade Danya from telling him. She took this to mean she couldn't trust Cain and aware that she wouldn't stand a chance against him went into hiding. Cain regretted this deception and it would not be until after the death of Rayze that the two would reconcile somewhat.

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