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Ford Focus is the pseudonym of the famous gonzo journalist Tyekanik Baron. His job, as he describes it, is to "travel the Universe, get drunk with the most interesting people I can find and then write about my adventures." He is officially employed by the magazine XXXXX, a counter culture publication popular across the Known Universe.

Ford's adventures have caused him to cross paths with the Magnificent 7 numerous times, and he is responsible for much of their notoriety. He was at Smiley's Lounge when John Nash killed Wylie and the Grinning Pirates and was the one to give him the name Red John, and was later at the Frehm Tournament where Cain was competing. He would meet them again following their battle with Crash when he helped them during their fight with Van Maximo. A magician friend would later tell him about how the Magnificent 7 fought and defeated Lich. Later, he was present on Earth during the time of the Vampire Horde's attack, but his subsequent article was censored by SENTINEL who had taken credit for Drake's defeat to protect their image.

Ford is short and skinny but is described as cute and handsome by many women. He has dark hair which he wears at varying lengths and facial hair that alternates from a 5 o'clock shadow to a full beard. He wears a wide variety of outfits, but is most often seen wearing jeans and a denim jacket he says he picked up on an early trip to Earth and a red bandana tied around his head. While he has been known to wear nicer clothes, his wandering lifestyle dictates that most of what he wears must be rugged. Ford's most defining aspect though is his charisma. He has a very easy going personality and makes friends very easily wherever he goes. Ford is a pacifist and goes out of his way to avoid conflict, but nonetheless has found himself at the heart of many of the Magnificent 7's greatest battles.

Powers and Abilities Edit

None Edit

Ford is a regular human with no powers or ability to generate Aura.

Trivia Edit

- Ford owns a small patch of property on the planet Munson which is in the stellar neighborhood of Arkem. There he owns a cabin overlooking a lake where he goes to relax.

- Bellona has slept with Ford before and has a very high opinion of him.

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