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General Atlas of the Noble House of Kevan is the commander of the Palace Garrison of the Imperial Guard. As such, he is tasked with the security of the Jehdan Capital and the Imperial Family. The firstborn son of an influential family in the Jehdan court, he was able to use family connections to rise rapidly through the ranks of the Imperial Guard. However, he did not solely rely on his Noble Status. Atlas was also a brilliant tactician and was almost supernaturally charming.

He was among the first commanders of the Imperial Guard to become concerned about the threat posed by the Vampire Horde, and as such worked closely with Princess Tei since none of the other Generals took the vampires seriously. He protested against her plan to recruit the Magnificent 7 into the fight due to their bad reputation, but still went along with her, Captain Phaedra and the mercenary Sid to meet with them.

Despite his charismatic personality and carefully cultivated reputation as a great general, Atlas was a coward who never picked a fight he couldn't win. As the Horde conquered Jehda Prime, Atlas abandoned his troops and ended up making off with the Magnificent 7. When the Horde followed them to Earth, he agreed to sell out his Princess and the others in exchange for a chance to escape with his life. For this duplicity, he was tortured and killed by Bellona.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Psycho Power Edit

As a Jehdan Noble, Atlas possessed Psycho Power which granted him potent telekinetic and telepathic abilities.

Trivia Edit

- Atlas had a reputation as something of a Lothario who was skilled in seducing women. He had a wife and numerous mistresses and paramours. When Jehda Prime fell and he fled with the Magnificent 7, he made attempts to seduce the female members of that group but much to his chagrin found himself unable to do so. Even Kara, who has no qualms about sleeping with almost anyone, said something skeeved her out about Atlas.

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