A Gravisphere is a device which can commonly be found onboard nearly any spaceship used throughout the Known Universe.  The Gravisphere has the extremely important purpose of projecting a field of gravity throughout a ship which allows them to simulate planetary gravity within a ship while simultaneously nullifying the effects of inertia. 

Outside the ship, the Gravisphere's field counteracts the effects of gravity on a ship, allowing it to hover or move through space.  While a ship's sublight engines are able to add speed to a vessel's movement, the movement itself is made possible by the Gravisphere.  When coupled with a Flash Drive, the Gravity Field becomes a Flash Field which is able to propel the ship through space at faster than light speeds.

Drive RangesEdit

In addition to its standard functions of creating the gravity fields within and without the ship, the Gravisphere also serves as a ship's transmission and is responsible for selecting its drive range. These ranges are controlled by a selector lever on the ship's helm. When a ship is in the park setting it will remain static in whatever location it is. It must be in the park position to be turned on off. In the reverse position the ship will move slowly backwards. By stepping on the accelerator pedal the ship will move backwards faster. In the Neutral setting the ship will remain stationary as in park, but turning the ship's wheel will turn the ship on its central axis while pushing in or pulling back the wheel will cause the ship to descend or ascend respectively. In Drive the ship will move slowly forward, with stepping on the accelerator will activate the ship's thrusters giving it an increase in speed. While some ships will have additional drive settings after this, the final setting will activate the Flash Drive.

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