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Believed to have existed in the Midplane before even the Devils and Gods, Leviathans are fearsome creatures of unspeakable age and power.  While they are typically grouped in with the Monster Race, their true nature and origins are unknown. Some believe they are believe they are the sentient manifestations of aspects of the Universe, sentient black holes given shape.  Others say they were born of the aberrations caused by Lucifer during the weaving of Creation. Yet others believe they are the material shards of Outer Beasts.

Physiology Edit

The Physiology of Leviathans is hard to describe. While they certainly have physical bodies, the nature of these are fluid and defy description by mortal races who observe them.  Instead the observing mortal will see the Leviathan within the context of their own experiences, manifesting them as the largest, most terrible and frightening thing they can imagine.  Whatever form they assume, Leviathans are always of titanic proportions.

Leviathans are dependent on consuming life force from planets or stars to sustain their power, and once they run out of energy will enter a state of hibernation.  Because of their immortal nature, they do not die from this but it does leave them vulnerable to more permanent damage or perhaps even death from their enemies.

Leviathans are particularly vulnerable to the element of Darkness and will instinctively withdraw from it.

Powers Edit

Leviathans are cosmic entities with power called the Elder Force that rivals the Grace of Gods.  They can use their power to produce nearly any effect they desire, including size alteration, the transmutation of matter, the teleportation of objects across space, the creation of force fields and inter-dimensional portals, telepathy, telekinesis, universal cosmic awareness, the creation of life, resurrection, manipulating souls, memories and emotions, recreating dead worlds in every detail (including utterly convincing illusions of their entire populations), and energy projection.  However, unlike Grace or Fury which is self-perpetuating, the Elder Force must be fueled by consuming planets with the potential for life (or even in the case of the more powerful Leviathans entire stars).  A fully recharged Leviathan is a formidable opponent for even the strongest of gods, but one that is starving can be driven off by powerful mortals.

Personality Edit

Even the most malicious of the Leviathans are infinitely old and wise, and they frequently use this wisdom to taunt others.  Whereas Gods would dedicate themselves to some or other concept, Leviathans consider themselves beyond such things as good or evil.  They are extremely arrogant in this regard.

Culture and Society Edit

Leviathans are singular and do not confer with eachother.

Religion Edit

Leviathans consider themselves to be the most powerful things in the Universe and the only things worthy of reverence.

Notable Leviathans Edit

Solarus, Ignited Emperor Who Devours Worlds And Gods

Perhaps the best known in the Known Universe, Solarus is (or at least claims to be) one of the most powerful Leviathans.  He is most commonly seen as an enormous glowing giant with a humanoid shape.  A crown of light encircles his head.  When he travels through the expanse of space he manifests a massive spherical ship around himself. Intrepid adventurers who have entered this sphere often find a convoluted labyrinth of arcane design, at the center of which sits Solarus on a massive throne.  When he feeds he manifests tendrils of this ship which will penetrate a planet’s crust and drain it of life force.  Solarus rarely acknowledges the presence of mortals, regarding them as less than nothing in his eyes.  Even other Leviathans fear him.


A Leviathan who once terrorized the world of Arus, he was defeated and sealed away by King Crash.  Eons later he was released by a vengeful Agni who sought to destroy her nephew Gaia, but the Leviathan was seemingly slain by him at the cost of his mortal life.  Karkas appeared as a with a boney mask that looked like a horned howling face and dozens of arms.


A Leviathan that manifests as a narrow octahedron. 


A Leviathan who was active in the Heroic Age who has since entered a state of death-like hibernation, Gorn is notable in that he has a powerful cult dedicated to his worship. He communicates telepathically with the most devout of his followers to convey his wishes, driving them mad by touching their minds. Gorn's manifestation form is of a titanic humanoid with black slimy skin and spiked bone-like protrusions along his shoulders, arms and thighs. His face looks like a massive four-eyed squid and a mess of tendrils drops from where his mouth should be. When he unleashes his true power gleaming insect like wings project forth from his back. 


Appears as a floating black tree with dangling roots and crystalline branches.  Its core appears as a glowing orb that looks like a sun peeking through a tree’s leaves.  His “trunk” is covered with a number of objects that look like masks through which it communicates.


Often referred to as a “she” because of her shape, Arradia appears as the shadow of a woman in a long gown.  The strands of her hair act as tentacles which she will drive into the surface of a planet to suck out its energy.


A Leviathan about whom little is known.

Trivia Edit

- Unlike Gods, Leviathans are able to easily move between the 9 Worlds. For reasons unknown however, they cannot or will not approach Crown.

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