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Locke is a human gangster who lives on Arkem.  He grew up an orphan in the station's fearsome Dock 4 area where he had to learn to be tough to survive.  Gaining a fearsome reputation as a thug, he became leader of a gang who gathered around him.  Despite his fearsome demeanor, his motivation behind becoming strong and forming his gang was to protect the people he cared about.

He was present when John Nash killed Wylie and wiped out the Grinning Pirates and was shocked at his power.

Since he declared himself John Nash's rival he appears near the Garage to challenge him.  Despite his bravado, he has never lasted past the first blow of the match. John regarded him as a nuisance, but on one occasion a Bounty Hunter arrived at Dock 4 looking for the Magnificent 7 and tracked down Locke who he believed could lead him to them.  He tortured Locke for information, but Locke refused to give the 7 up.  Locke's gang tracked down John and begged him to help Locke, and when he arrived Locke had lost consciousness.  Angered at the needless violence the Bounty Hunter had used on Locke, John destroyed him.

This occurrence caused John to change his opinion on Locke. 

Powers and Abilities Edit

Locke is a super human and is able to generate Aura. His power level is wildly inconsistent, being in the mid D-levels at his base but able to rise to B-Class if he's angered or pressed.

Trivia Edit

- Much to John's shock and disappointment, Kara has slept with Locke on a few occasions.  Despite his disgust that she'd have anything to do with such an annoying guy, Kara points out that while he is dumb, Locke is sweet in his own way and really hot.

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