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Lucifer is an alternate reality counterpart to Satan who represents what would have happened if Satan’s good side, rather than evil had gained dominance when he Fell.  Unlike Satan, who was consumed by rage at Creation, Lucifer was consumed by guilt and went out of her way to hide herself and withdraw from ever interfering in Creation again.  Also, rather than Hellfire, she created a body for herself made from the Dust of the Midplane, effectively becoming the first God, and chose a female form rather than a male.

Due to her unusual power, Lucifer was able to look across causality and recognized that she was not meant to win the battle as the dominant personality.  Like in the main timeline, she fell with a third of the Celestials who became the first Devils.  However, she was able to single handedly wipe out all the infernal beings and then allowed her timeline to collapse and relegated herself to the void of nonexistence.  Partially this was done out of shame of her Fall, but also it was to hide from her alternate self as Satan.  She was able to see him dominating her future and was terrified of him, reasoning that non-existence was preferable to ever facing him. 

However, as she was able to see him he was also able to see her, and he developed a fearsome need to destroy her.  When Satan swallowed the Bloodstone, his primary drive was to find and kill her and to this end he went beyond the boundaries of Creation into the Void, shattering the nothingness in an attempt to flush out his counterpart.  Afraid to face him directly, she made contact with the human June Hammer and told her how Satan could be defeated.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Holy Light Edit

Like Shiva, Lucifer was a Light Elemental but her powers were on a far higher level.

Trivia Edit

- Despite her fear at the prospect of facing Satan, Adam and Hela believed that she easily had the power to take him on.  This means had she existed in the Prime timeline, her power could have exceeded that of even Lord Zeal.

- Like her counterpart, Lucifer had a number of titles applied to her. Most famously she was called the Woman Clothed in Sun. Under this name she was a mythic figure to the Gods of Crown.

- After her timeline was destroyed, Lucifer's essence rejoined the cycle and she was reincarnated in the 8th Universe Shiva as the goddess Shiva. It was for this reason that her Celestial Essence bonded with Shiva and turned her into the Mad Goddess. It was also because of the reincarnation that Lucifer was unable to recognize Shiva as his other half.