166 lbs


Light Brown




Neutral Evil


Comfort, Luxury, Wealth



Lieutenant and most trusted confidant of Van Maximo.  Quinn was originally a small time con man who decided to join SENTINEL along with his friend and partner Luca as part of a larger scheme. Not long after being inducted into the Order the two of them began shaking down criminals to steal their loot. These actions eventually brought them to the attention of Captain Maximo, who had them assigned to his Legion so that he could make use of their skills.

In short order Quinn's intellect and abilities earned him a position as Maximo's Lieutenant, and he would often serve as the go-between for Maximo and his criminal organization. While he has proven to be a worthy administrator of Maximo's plans, Maximo knows that Quinn's loyalty is only good so long as Maximo can provide him with the luxurious life he wants.

Quinn tries to have a very pleasant demeanor and is always smiling, but this just causes people to become unnerved.  He has a habit of singing when he speaks. He prefers to rely on his charm and wit to keep him out of fights and prefers outmaneuvering opponents. However, when forced to he demonstrates prodigious martial ability. According to Hefe, Quinn was known to be strong enough to be a Captain himself, but that he always refused promotion in order to stay as Maximo's henchman. When Maximo teamed with Lord Gold, he was the one who devised the idea of trapping John and Cain in a pocket dimension to neutralize their Oversaran Power.

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