Archangel Raphael








194 lbs






Fighting, Romance, Women


Senseless Violence


Lord Zeal (Father), Other Angels (Siblings)

Kindest and most jovial of the Archangels, Raphael is nontheless a force to be reckoned with when roused.  Raphael is known as a healer and is less bloodthirsty than his brothers, as well as the most fond of mortals.  He regards himself as more of a lover than a fighter, and is known to dally with mortals from time to time (though he's careful to avoid breaking the edict against siring children).

When the Magnificent 7 appear in Zion, they are immediately suspected by the rest of the Angelic Host as being behind the assassinations of the Prophets. Raphael was less hasty though and he believed that the group's bewilderment at being suddenly teleported to their Universe was genuine. He recruited Samael to help him hide the group while he listened to their story, but Samael ended up reporting them to Michael saying he did not believe they were innocent.

When Samael was revealed to be the conspirator, Raphael joined with Gabriel and Uriel to battle him. However, the Abyss enhanced Samael was more powerful than the three of them and he emerged victorious. Before he could deliver the killing blow to them though, he was confronted by the Oversaran John Nash and defeated.

In his humanoid form, Raphael is tall and handsome with a devious smile. He has wild white hair with a pair of ivory wings on his back. Like other Angels he wears ornate golden armor, though occasionally also wears loose robes during casual occasions. In battle he prefers to use his powers in more of a tricksterish manner, and will occasionally manifest a bow which he uses to trap opponents in illusions.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Angelic Grace Edit

Like other Gods, Raphael's power is drawn from his Grace which makes him nigh omnipotent and omniscient. As an Archangel, his power is on a completely different level compared to the rest of his Angelic brethren. However, he is nowhere near as strong as his older brother Michael, as Michael was able to banish Raphael back to the White City against his will with a wave of his hand.

Angelic Healing: Raphael was created to be the "medic" of the Angelic Host and as such is skilled with the healing arts.


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