Saran Blood Ale

Blood Ale can remove any inhibitions.

Blood Ale is a beverage popular among the sarans of the planet of Kazan.  It is known for its euphoric, intoxicating effects and is so potent that it cannot be safely drank by many other races.  It was provided to the troops of the Saran Army for the purposes of keeping them pacified and preventing them from destroying their own planet.Tradition says that Blood Ale was first brewed by the deity Sora who made it from the blood of his enemies.

As its name implies, it is made from blood mixed with various psychotropic plants.  Blood Ale has a sweet, full bodied and fruity taste.  It has a deep red color and often has a frothy head. 

The drinking of Blood Ale is a foundational aspect of many facets of saran culture.  Young sarans are fed it as part of coming of age ceremonies.  As stated it is given to warriors to distract them from any desire to cause large scale destruction and somewhat curtail their murderous impulses.  Because of its euphoric qualities, the drinking of it is often a precursor to orgy rituals.  Ability to hold one's Blood Ale is an important test of strength for sarans (though an outside observer would say this is merely a pretext to get otherwise violent sarans to drink more of the ale to pacify themselves).  In ancient days, Blood Ale was commonly drank from cups made from the horns of Horin, but in the modern age would be drank from large cups resembling steins.


- John Nash described the brew as "like if booze and viagra had a baby and it was raised by ecstacy." 

- Even after the destruction of Kazan, Cain and Kara still drank it as Kara had programmed it into the Rocco II's synthesizers.  Of the rest of the Magnificent 7, only Bruno will drink it as part of drinking contests with Cain.  John has told June that he WILL drink it, but has stated he has a tendency to go a bit overboard with it and prefers Red Cola.  Cain and Kara will often drink it with meals.

- Out of curiosity, June once drank Blood Ale.  While she was known to be able to hold her drink on Earth, she made it barely half way through a single horn of the drink before it reduced her to a giggly horny mess.

- Cain has a number of safehouses from his days working for the Holy Order which are largely stocked with numerous barrels of Blood Ale. John and Kara suspect that he actually has more hidden than he has admitted to.

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