A Space Pod is a personal space ship popular with SENTINEL and the Holy Order. Spherical in shape, it is well regarded for its speed and durability. The Space Pod seats a single individual and contains only the barest life support systems and amenities. It's small size makes it difficult to detect by planetary defense systems and is ideal for the insertion of small teams to a battlezone.

Space Pods are widely considered far and away the fastest space ships in the Universe. However, it is often pointed out that while one CAN shoot from one end of the Universe to the other quickly, it would not be a comfortable ride.

The Space Pod makes use of advanced miniaturization of technologies which exist on larger space ships. It makes use of a powerful gravisphere which surrounds it with an impenetrable forcefield which allows it to smash through obstacles and land violently with no disturbance for its passenger.

The interior consists of a single seat with pedals at the base, a Heads Up Display in the center and two steering mechanisms protruding from it.

Trivia Edit

- John Nash likens Space Pods to motorcycles. Indeed there is a community throughout Universe of collectors who try to trick out their pods and outdo eachother. There are also gangs that will fly across space in Pods.

- People who fly Space Pods referred to as "Ballers."

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