The Temple of Light is an ancient Order of clerics dedicated to the protection of life and suppression of evil. Chapters of it can be found throughout Shiva, but its power base is concentrated in the Great Jehdan Imperium. Immediately recognizable by the yellow robes they wear and radiant sun symbol carved into their heads, the Light Templars have been a force for good to people across the Universe.

Trivia Edit

- The Temple of Light was originally created by worshippers of the goddess Shiva. However, since the Cataclysm, all records of their founding or their initial devotion have been carefully deleted.

- On the planet Sirius, a Temple of Light was built over the Tomb of Victor Drake so that the Templars could use their power to suppress the evil influence of the Warlord which exuded even after death. Because their powers made them strong against the forces of the Undead, Frett had hired the saran Deathwalk Cain to kill the Templars so that he could gain access to Drake's body. While the reasons for this attack would not become clear till much later, the Templars' enmity of Cain made him a constant target of their assassins. However, no matter who they threw at him Cain always killed them with contemptuous ease to the point that he regarded the Templars as a mere annoyance rather than any kind of threat.

- The Outlaw King Saint Kruger had initially been a Light Templar. However his lust for power lead him to forbidden research which allowed him to contact the Archdevil Mammon. Mammon twisted Kruger into his own image and set him to the task of carrying out his will in the Midplane.