Treve, Son of Mari by Rask, Lord of Malkaia








175 lbs






Fighting, Drinking, Boasting


Being nagged


Rask (Father), Mari (Mother)

A prince of the Malkaia Clan, Treve was Kara's chosen mate after Cain abandoned her on Kazan. Tall and well built with dashing good looks and a charismatic personality, Treve was widely considered to be a great warrior and was well regarded among the saran army. The vast majority of his life was spent in service to the Holy Order and he personally lead the conquest of many worlds. Despite this, he was happy to see the Holy Ghost's demise and followed his father's suit by pledging allegiance to Arisada and the restored Sarada Clan.

After the fall of the Holy Ghost, Cain vanished. Deeply hurt by her perceived rejection, Kara decided to deal with her grief by throwing herself into the new saran court. She was charmed by Treve, whose handsome looks and vast influence with the other saran Lords impressed Kara. He in turn enjoyed parading the Dark Prince's mate as his own, using her to bolster his own ego and standing. When Arisada asked Kara to join the mission to bring Cain back to Kazan, Treve was horrified and feared that the Dark Prince would kill him to reclaim Kara.

Like the vast majority of the saran race, Treve died when Crash attacked and destroyed Kazan.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Hellfire Edit

Like other sarans, Treve is a fire elemental who can channel and control Hellfire.

Trivia Edit

- Much to John's annoyance, Kara rarely spent the night with Treve, choosing instead to sneak aboard the Rocco II and magically appear in his own bed. Kara would later admit that while Treve was fun, there was no warmth with him.

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