His Beloved




None known

Virgil was once a human monk who fell in love with a beautiful princess. The princess was sacrificed by cultists who worshipped one of the rulers in Hell. Virgil was so distraught by her death that he forsook his vows and slaughtered the cultists with his bare hands. He then learned the mystic arts, and managed to open a portal for himself to enter the Underplane. Exposure to the forces of Hell hardened Virgil’s spirit and he developed a powerful Aura, making him a force to be reckoned with to the demons he faced. Despite his power he was little match for a devil, and was soundly defeated in his first battle to reclaim the soul of his beloved. He effectively died during the course of the battle, and was turned into a wraith by an ally that he had managed to gain in his journeys. Having forsaken his humanity, he managed to use his new powers to defeat the Devil who held his beloved, freeing her from Hell and allowing her to ascend. Virgil though was trapped in Hell, unable to return. Impressed by his spirit, the Guardian of Hell, Hela, snatched Virgil from his battle with the Devil and offered him a chance to help her keep order in the Underplane. After being told that Hela could not aid him in escaping Hell, Virgil agreed because of a desire to make things miserable for the devils he hated so much. He spent a great deal of time training his wraith powers, becoming very skilled in casting illusions which could fool even a devil’s keen senses.

When Lilith succeeded in reforming the Bloodstone and using a controlled Shiva to release Satan, Hela sent Virgil to be Cain’s guide through Hell so he could defeat Satan. At first Cain was uninterested in anything other than gaining revenge against Lilith and Abaddon, but upon coming face to face with Satan decided to take responsibility for stopping him. He was soundly defeated, but Virgil managed to rescue him at the last minute by stunning Satan and escaping to the home sphere of the original Sarans, Rengoku. After nursing Cain back to health, Virgil trapped him in an elaborate illusion where Cain was forced to face his demons in order to regain control over his Oversaran power. Cain succeeded, but was enraged by what he saw as a violation of his spirit and he threw Virgil into the boiling lake of blood, Phlegethon.

Hela then appeared and admonished Cain for killing her servant, though she admitted that since he was bound to her service he could not truly die and would reform later. A restored Virgil would later be seen observing the Magnificent 7’s battle with Satan.