The Ultimate Saran who would one day appear to kill the Great Enemy.  This warrior was prophesied by Sarada, who was the first to defeat King Crash. Despite his incredible power, he failed to completely kill Crash.  Sarada’s Fire Sense was so acutely developed that he had the power of prescience, and he was able to foresee the Sarans’ final triumph over Crash. Before he died he wrote, “In Our People’s Darkest Hour There Will Come A Warrior Born Of My Line With Strength Beyond Strength, Power Beyond Power, Who Will Face The Great Enemy And End His Life.” 

When the Holy Ghost seized control millennia later he saw the only threat to his rule to be King Crash, so he endeavored to bring Sarada’s prophecy to fruition.  He accomplished this by creating Cain using the genetic material of the Sarada Clan which traced its lineage back to Sarada.

Trivia Edit

- Despite the awe surrounding the legend, Cain was always ambivalent toward it. He was alone in this though as even his uncle Arisada believed it and considered Cain to be the key in the battle against Crash. Cain himself tried to shirk the Prophecy, pointing out that the mother of John Nash's mother had been a branch member of the Sarada Clan, so it's possible the Prophecy was about him. Despite his rejection of the destiny, Cain would end up fulfilling the Prophecy anyway when he killed King Crash in single combat.

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