Zandalee Killian Al'Baster








95 lbs.








Messes, Insects, Beer


Thuro Al'Baster (Husband), Jade Al'Baster (Daughter)

Zandalee Killian is a resident of Arkem who worked a wide variety of jobs, particularly acting as a secretary to a low level mobster to who kept her as a mistress.  When the Magnificent 7 became a more regular presence on Arkem following the battle with Crash, she met and befriended Thuro, who gave her the nickname Zillion.  She became pregnant by her lover, but he left her shortly after the birth of their child.  Thuro stayed by her side at this time and afterwards the two fell into a relationship.  Some time after this they married and Thuro adopted her daughter Jade as his own.

To many who initially meet her, Zillion seems meek and shy (especially compared to the bombastic personalities of the rest of the Magnificent 7).  Thuro likes to brag about her as a “calm, quiet beauty.”   While she adores Thuro, she finds the rest of his friends to be loud and intimidating, especially Cain.  The others are very friendly to her, but are often confused by Thuro’s relationship with her and can’t understand what he gets out of it. The only member of the Magnificent 7 who Zillion gets along with well is June.

Zillion has a dislike of travel and therefore never accompanies the Magnificent 7 on their adventures, preferring to stay on Arkem and keep her home.  Thuro will often send his share of loot back to her in order to support her and Jade.

Trivia Edit

- Despite having met her numerous times and even having been at the wedding, John Nash has never been able to remember who she is or even that Thuro is married at all.  Whenever reminded of it he expresses shock.

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